SkillsPlus and BRACE

SkillsPlus and BRACE are two fellow non-profit organisations that merged in 2013. We merged because we know that together we can make a collaborative effort to improve lives and strengthen communities. Our mission is to empower people through education, training and employment.

As a non-profit organisation, any profit that we make is invested back into the community either by being put back into programs and services delivered, or by going towards the development of new programs that benefits the community.  

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5 job search tips

Are you looking for work, but keep getting knocked back? Job searches take a long time and can often impact on your motivation and self-esteem. SkillsPlus has prepared 5 tips to assist you to find a job and keep it! Firstly, knowing what kind of role you want and the type of company you would like to work for is very important. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you actually want, then take some time to consider this before starting the application process. When considering which role is right for you, keep in mind that there is a different between a job that is financially gratifying and a job that rewards you with a fulfilling career.      

Adult & Community Education Providers call for VET Policy Reform

Victoria’s Adult & Community Education (ACE)
Victoria’s Adult & Community Education (ACE) Providers are calling out for VET Policy Reform in a recent statement issued by the ACE Sector. The statement highlights the need for a range of policy initiatives to be implemented to ensure that the provision of quality training, particularly for the most disadvantaged learners, remains viable for training providers in Victoria. SkillsPlus and BRACE agree with all the recommendations made in the statement and we have shown our support by signing the petition. 

New Training Calendar out NOW!

Our latest Training Calendar has just been released! Boost your career prospects and improve your CV by studying with BRACE. We have a range of courses commencing in February 2015. We offer high quality adult community education through our pre-accredited courses and nationally accredited qualifications ranging from short one day courses to Diploma level qualifications. Our courses are designed to pack a lot of knowledge and skills into one qualification, and courses are delivered in modern and convenient settings.

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