SkillsPlus and BRACE

SkillsPlus and BRACE are two fellow non-profit organisations that merged in 2013. We merged because we know that together we can make a collaborative effort to improve lives and strengthen communities. Our mission is to empower people through education, training and employment.

As a non-profit organisation, any profit that we make is invested back into the community either by being put back into programs and services delivered, or by going towards the development of new programs that benefits the community.  

SkillsPlus and BRACE are part of Endeavour Foundation 

Latest news

Congratulation to Simon and BRACE NEIS Program

NEIS BRACE, Adelaide, South Australia
The National NEIS Awards were held on Monday night in Melbourne and ‘Simply Ask Simon’ was a National Finalist in the Best New Business Awards category. In early 2014 Simon was made redundant. He had never been without a job. Not to mention that his wife was due to have their second child in less than two weeks. After discussion they agreed, he was going to take the leap and begin his own business. Simon said “So much information is out there but it can be difficult to piece together, let alone make sense of it. I came across the local BRACE Office in Port Adelaide and we discussed my proposed business idea. I must say that it was the best move that I made.” The instructor challenged his preconceived perceptions and gave him other ways to look at business. Armed with his business plan and financials he knew what he needed to do for the business to succeed and grow

SkillsPlus maintained their status as a 5 Star Provider

We’re thrilled to announce that the recent Disability Employment Services (DES) Star Ratings have been published by the Australian Government. The DES Star Ratings system measures the relative success of providers in achieving outcomes for job seekers. Every provider is rated between 1 – 5 starts with 5 being the highest you can achieve. A big congratulations to our Dandenong team. They have maintained their status as a 5 Star Provider. Well done to Karen, Lawanya, Robyn, Clinton and the rest of the team at Dandenong.

Exciting announcement - #togetherforbetter

We’ve got some really exciting news that are keen to share with you! Perhaps you have heard us speak about the need to grow and diversify our services. Well… that’s just what we’ve done by becoming part of Endeavour Foundation. Together, we will combine our collective resources, services, people and aspirations to create terrific synergies for our teams and services, and better outcomes for the people and communities we serve. SkillsPlus, BRACE and Endeavour Foundation have over 130 years of combined experience in supporting a diverse range of people and communities.  

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